The Harrisburg WingUp

Mulligan's East Shore Pub Hot WingsHBGWingUp has actually been around for a few years. Now let me explain that strange mash of letters. HBGWingUp, or #HBGWingUp for that matter is what we call a “hash tag” which is often used on Twitter to distinguish a subject that can be followed. None of this would have happened if it wasn’t for the #HBGTweetup which brought all of us together to begin with. That’s right, Harrisburg has an awesome Twitter community!

Now on to the HBGWingUp. @MDGuzy mentioned that it would be cool to have a web page that listed all of the wing places in the area and to help us track the places we visit. As a web designer, @dziner started with a Google Spreadsheet but quickly had other ideas. Why not just build a website on this niche idea?! @Technog33k got involved over a brainstorming phone call and to assist with the website and social media. Special thanks goes to @floor9 and @FreshRoastHost for providing website hosting right here in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. We like to keep it local.

With that, the HBGWingUp was born! Now go out and try some of the best hot wings Harrisburg has to offer. And don’t forget your wet naps! Enjoy!